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Welcome to Ola!

Today we are joined by Ola from Canada. You can find her food and crafts blog over at We have asked her to tell us a little bit more about herself, so here it is. 

Ola: My name is Ola Kulik and I was born and raised in Southern Ontario in Canada. My parents are Polish immigrants and came here a month before I was born. I was the first non-Poland born in my family, however, I grew up in a totally polish household but with external Canadian influences. Currently, I’m 32 years old, married and I work full time at a software company as a marketing manager. My favourite things to do are crafts, watch tv, try new recipes and hang out with my husband and nephews. My favourite artist is Drake and my favourite show is Seinfeld.

BigosUK: Where are you located?

Ola: Kitchener, ON Canada

BigosUK: Tell us more about your blog: when and why did you start? what are your plans for this year and for the future of your blog?

Ola: I wanted to blog for years before

BigosUK: How did blogging change your life?

Ola: It hasn’t a whole lot yet.

BigosUK: How do you use social media to promote your blog?

Ola: I post new blog posts and photos to my social channels.

BigosUK: What made you curious about BIGOS UK?

Ola: I initially started following BIGOS UK to help my husband learn some polish and then noticed the call for bloggers. Thought it would be good to reach out and now here I am.

BigosUK: What is your favourite food, drink and place in the world?

Ola: My favourite food is bread. I can eat it all the time with butter. My favourite drink is tea with lemon. My favourite place to be is my parents’ house but my favourite place I’ve visited is Barcelona.

BigosUK: Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

Ola: I like to craft, spend time with my nephews, watch the food network and forensic files, go to Pinterest, watch makeup videos on YouTube.

BigosUK: What is the craziest thing you did in your life?

Ola: I don’t think I’ve really done anything crazy.

BigosUK: Who inspires you the most?

Ola: My mom. She has a demanding full-time job and still cooks everything from scratch, spends quality time with the family, has a social life and doesn’t eat any junk food.

BigosUK: What is your top dream at the moment?

Ola: Maybe one day I’ll have a blog post go viral and could have a successful YouTube channel.

BigosUK: What are your blogging/social media plans for this year?

More consistent posting and starting a YouTube channel

BigosUK: Thank you and welcome to BigosUK! 


Featured photo via Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons.

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