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The 100 Day Project is something I meant to take part in but then completely forgot about it until I saw watercolour post by one of my blogger friends… It took me few days to decide if I will have enough time to join in but then I realized I can synchronize it with my daily 30 minutes of practise I do in the evenings.

It was actually my husband’s brilliant idea that every day we try to practise something with our girls and to commit ourselves to one thing each of us is not very good at. I have chosen to practise watercolours which I always adored but don’t have much clue about. And they are perfecting other things such as coding, timetables and sketching.

Coming back to #The100DaysProject –  it runs for the 5th year now and the latest one began on the 3rd of April. It may seem a bit late but anyone is  welcome to join anytime, although I’m planning to make up for the lost couple of days and post overdue images.

Is there anything you would like get better at? Then join in as well.

I’m hoping that at the end of those 100 day (some time in July) I will be able to paint patterns at least partially as good as those by some of my favourite watercolour artists: Yao Cheng or Elise Engh for instance.

You can follow my progress on Instagram and everyone’s artworks here.

Photos: © Margot Dolewska Dyer

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