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The Bristol Cook Book – review

“Featuring 45 stunning recipes” – it says on the cover but the book is so much more than that. It is a culinary welcome to the city of really lovely, yummy and (mostly) healthy food made of locally sourced ingredients and to its wonderful food places were asking for soya milk or gluten-free pizza is not fussing but a normal form of a customer choice. Bristol is a city of nice people and those of them who run cafes and restaurants really spoil their visitors with amazing food and lovely service. For me, a person who just recently moved here, it is still a place of endless possibilities and so “The Bristol Cook Book” is my little compass. I love its design, its sentiment and the range of featured places and recipes. Speaking of which: that is THE BEST bit of the book – the ability to make some of the best food of the city in your own home. I actually go around the food places hoping that some of the food I eat I might find in this book when I get home. Another aspect of the book is its relevance – most places are online and so you can follow them. I recommend doing so on Instagram where imagery is also very stylish and the news spreads fast. Food folks of Bristol really know how to use Instagram accounts to make your mouth water and to be engaging and informative at the same time.

Today I would like to feature a few stops from the book, just to give you a taste of Bristol and the book itself.

Ahh Toots – is just my favourite place. It’s located in the wonderful covered St. Nicolas market (also on Instagram here). This bakery was awarded Bristol Food Awards 2017. They have a little sitting area just opposite the flower shop featured in the funny and wonderful series “Being Human“, their teas and cakes are simply astonishing. They also have the best click button on a homepage I’ve ever seen (“Click for cake”). And their Instagram account really lives up to the hashtag #foodporn! (I mean just look at this cupcake!)

The Old Market Assembly (here on Instagram) is my favourite evening spot because it also hosts the Wardrobe Theatre. This restaurant reminds me of the quirky side of Budapest from my university years. I love the building (Bristol has a lot of lovely, interesting spaces), the food is really yummy and the staff are super friendly. It’s a perfect place for after-work dinner and drinks with a little bit of culture (ie. play in the theatre) for pudding.

The Tobacco Factory (here on Instagram) is a lovely industrial space, also a theatre. It is located at the heart of Southville where the summer graffiti festival, Upfest, takes place, so it’s a wonderful spot for a meal, drink and walk around wonderfully decorated architecture.

As mentioned earlier, the cookbook contains 45 recipes so there is really a lot to choose from and a lot for me to discover yet. But even with this early, initial knowledge, I can recommend it to all readers – it’s a great place to start to discover the city.