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Small things that make us feel better

I am very late with this post. I was away from BIGOS UK due to work and voluntary commitments. I finished a few courses. I started providing therapy support. I applied and got a perfect job. So the last few weeks were busy, but mainly emotionally. I took the weekend off to rest and to spend it with my closest friend and her family – which made me think about those small little things we can do to feel a bit better. Here are a few I would recommend!


There is something magical about them….Blowing bubbles makes me smile. It is so easy and it really does not depend on the weather. I love bubbles since my first visit to Venice (I love Venice!) and they always remind me of that trip, so I tend to smile when I see them. Bubbles are so much fun! My dog goes mad about bubbles – and to be honest a Springer Spaniel chasing bubbles is a really entertaining view! Everybody loves bubbles, it makes us all smile.


I know it’s still technically spring, but it really feels like summer here in Bristol. The Waterfront steps are actually a water fountain for kids, grownups and for pets too. So even if you are in a rush, do stop, take your shoes off, splash in the water a bit and you will see just how relaxing it can be.


I love our new summer hammock in the garden. This is a completely passive activity – one for the end of a busy day, I guess. I love just chilling and listening to the birds, neighbours. Even traffic sounds are relaxing if I’m in my hammock:)


Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters – all those pets can be a lot of fun! They can be clumsy, smart, fast, silly – in any case engaging. I love to play with my dog and I really love to see when she goes completely bonkers – her happiness makes me happy too.


Who does not like ice-cream?! Especially on a hot late spring day? I actually think we need another freezer for ice-cream. Get some cheap ice-cream cones and enjoy this yummy dessert in the sun!


Nature is fun: you can walk into a local stream, climb a hill or hug a tree. I think the hardest here is to stop, not take anything for granted and actually notice it – it’s all around us and it is truly amazing.


I grew up with scouting so the smell and warmth of the campfire remind me of music, stars and lovely people. I love sitting out in our back garden and getting rid of old branches of rosemary. It smells lovely and it really calms me down.


By that, I mean painting stones, of course. Little stones are also all around us. A box of watercolours is not exactly expensive, nor is a set of nail painting brushes – with those you can paint really lovely little patterns and mandalas. Trust me, if I can do it – with a complete lack of creative skills – you can do it too:)


I really don’t think we play enough games today. Games make us happy for many reasons: we choose our level, we win fast and if we lose we can re-start the game again. We can play alone or together. I really enjoy a good mix of both. I love playing games with my dog. I like playing board games with family and friends. I like PokemonGo on my mobile –  The PokemonGo Community Day can be overwhelming but it does combine people, nature, fun and a bit of exercise too.


I am generally not a fun-to-be-with person. I am serious, I like to learn. I don’t really know many jokes, to be honest. But I do like fun little things – they make me feel so much better. Stopping for a bit of silliness and fun is actually extremely important for our mental health. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just that: to stop, to forget about our worries and switch into the inner child and simply smile.

How about you: do you have similar small daily habits? I would love to hear more about them.



Featured Photo by Dan 7Kidz on Unsplash

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