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Must Try Polish Foods

Pictured from the top left: szarlotka, kluski z makiem, chłodnik, pierogi.

Polish cuisine is real comfort food, stuffed with simple yet delicious ingredients and lots of calories: pastries are often cooked and then refried (for instance pierogi), veggies covered in breadcrumbs, soups served with dollops of cream… not to mention delicious Polish desserts. On the other hand you will find plenty of healthy foods as well: surówki (raw salads), soured ingredients and seasonal fruits in Polish cooking. 

Typical ingredients are: sour cabbage, beetroot, soured cream, kefir (sour milk), cottage cheese, sour cucumbers, all kinds of sausages, plums and prunes, buckwheat (kasha), walnuts, poppy seeds, potato flour, just to mention few.

If you are unfamiliar with Polish dishes, those are absolutely must try, at least once:

  1. Barszcz – beetroot soup,
  2. Baletki (ballet shoes) – poppyseed biscuits with jam,
  3. Bigos – hunter’s stew, also delicious in vegetarian version,
  4. Ciasto śliwkowe (plum cake),
  5. Chłodnik – chilled yogurt soup,
  6. Faworki / chruściki (angel wings) cookies,
  7. Gołąbki (little pigeons) cabbage rolls,
  8. Grzaniec – mulled beer,
  9. Kluski śląskie / kluski z dziurką / pyzy (Silesian dumplings or dumplings with a hole),
  10. Kluski z makiem (pasta with poppy seeds),
  11. Karpatka – Carpathian mountains cake,
  12. Kopytka (little hooves) – dumplings made out of mashed potatoes,
  13. Krokiety – filled and refried crepes,
  14. Makowiec – poppy seed cake,
  15. Mizeria – cucumber salad,
  16. Naleśniki – crepes,
  17. Napoleonka / Kremówka – Napoleon’s cake, custard slice,
  18. Pączki (doughnuts),
  19. Pierogi – filled dumplings, can be sweet or savoury,
  20. Pierogi leniwe (lazy pierogi) cottage cheese dumplings,
  21. Pieprz ziołowy (herbal pepper) seasoning,
  22. Pierniczki – gingerbread cookies,
  23. Pischinger – wafer dessert,
  24. Piwo z sokiem (beer with juice) – beer served with addition of raspberry syrup,
  25. Placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes),
  26. Rosół z kury (chicken broth),
  27. Sałatka jarzynowa (vegetable salad) with diced vegetables and lots of mayo,
  28. Sernik (cheesecake),
  29. Szarlotka (apple pie),
  30. Szarlotka – apple juice and Żubrówka (bison grass vodka) cocktail,
  31. Śledź (herring),
  32. Zapiekanka – type of street food,
  33. Zupa ogórkowa – sour cucumber soup,
  34. Zupa owocowa – fruit soup.

Have I missed anything? What are your favourite Polish dishes? Let us know…

Photos: © M Dolewska Dyer

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