BIGOS UK - The Association of Polish Bloggers Living Abroad

BIGOS UK Manifesto

We, the founders of BIGOS UK, the Association of Polish Bloggers Living Abroad, believe that the social web plays important role in connecting individuals around mutual topics and allows building trusted, long-term relationships. We are the Polish bloggers living in the UK and in other countries and so it is our aim to connect with similarly minded people in this country and all around the world, provide the bridge between Polish and International bloggers, and remain open to all other cultures here and all around the world.

We think that bigos, the traditional Polish cabbage stew, is a great symbol of our combined Polish and international values: tradition, adaptability, generosity, optimism, individual liberty, mutual respect. Bigos is a dish which combines a wide range of tastes from each and every ingredient. It is prepared with love and patience and can be warmed up and improved with additional, new, exciting ingredients too. Throughout care and ongoing attention, with patience and time, all those wonderful elements result in a rich, rewarding experience. Bigos is a symbol of hospitality too as it is often offered to the guests of a household. As Polish bloggers living in the UK and in other countries, we are convinced that both our Polish heritage, but equally all aspects of living in various countries enrich our lives so we would like to help everyone make the most of this great combination of ingredients.

We, the BIGOS UK founders, pledge to:

● Establish fruitful and trusted relationships between Polish bloggers living in the UK and in other countries,
● Promote the bridge between Polish and international bloggers,
● Celebrate the diversity of living abroad.