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Hello world!

Welcome to BIGUS UK. This is our first post so we would like to introduce ourselves. What is BIGOS UK?

BIGOS UK was born out of many ideas and attempts (last one in 2012) to create an online and offline community of Polish bloggers who share similar values (check out BIGOS UK Manifesto) and live in the UK. Every Polish person living in the UK has their own approach to their national heritage and the multiculturalism of this country. There are many generations of Polish citizens living here. Small elements of Polish cuisine, culture or customs can be found all around us but very often due to the language barrier or simply lack of time, might be overseen. Some Polish residents in the UK are so busy with their daily lives that their process of integration into the British society suffers. Online conversations around those topics are a great place to start a dialogue. We know that our community is rich in ideas and inspiring people. We hope that our online conversations will benefit from this information exchange and result in a few new friendships.

We are founded by two UK based Polish bloggers: Margot (@coffeenvanilla) and Sylwia (@sylwiapresley). If you have any questions about BIGOS UK you can chat with them over on Twitter.

We also have a short Manifesto which explains our goals, have a read below:

BIGOS UK Manifesto

We, the founders of BIGOS UK, the Association of Polish Bloggers Living in the UK, believe that the social web plays important role in connecting individuals around mutual topics and allows building trusted, long-term relationships. We are the Polish bloggers living in the UK and so it is our aim to connect with similarly minded people in this country, provide the bridge between Polish and British bloggers, and remain open to all other cultures here and all around the world.

We think that bigos, the traditional Polish cabbage stew, is a great symbol of our combined Polish and British values: tradition, adaptability, generosity, optimism, democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect. Bigos is a dish which combines a wide range of tastes from each and every ingredient. It is prepared with love and patience and can be warmed up and improved with additional, new, exciting ingredients too. Throughout care and ongoing attention, with patience and time, all those wonderful elements result in a rich, rewarding experience. Bigos is a symbol of hospitality too as it is often offered to the guests of a household. As Polish bloggers living in the UK, we are convinced that both our Polish heritage, but equally all aspects of living in the United Kingdom enrich our lives so we would like to help everyone make the most of this great combination of ingredients.

We, the BIGOS UK founders, pledge to:

  • Establish fruitful and trusted relationships between Polish bloggers living in the UK,
  • Promote the bridge between Polish and British bloggers,
  • Promote the Polish input into the language, cultural heritage, community and other elements of the multicultural society Britain is today.
  • Collaborate with other minorities based in the UK
  • Remain open to collaboration with Europe and other continents
  • Promote the Polish values: tradition, adaptability, generosity, optimism
  • Promote the British values: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect regardless of people’s faith or the lack of it.


We hope that you will enjoy reading us, joining us and meeting us offline!

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