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My Favourite Places in Brighton & Hove and Surroundings

Pictured from the top left: Birling Gap, Hove Lawns, Palace Pier, pier with starlings, Devil’s Dyke, Beachy Head, view from i360, Madeira Drive.

Brighton is a very diverse city where anyone can find something for themselves… from family oriented venues, through art cafes, natural beauty of the coastline to nightclubs, all year long. No wonder Brighton attracts visitors, especially in summer when lots of festivals and gigs take place. You can literally see crowds of people pouring out of Brighton station… With the end of summer city become a bit more quiet and for me personally spring and autumn are the most favourite times of the year here. It is not very cold or rainy yet, like in winter, but the beaches are still rather empty allowing for peaceful after school walks with kids and collecting sea glass.

Below you can find couple of our favourite family friendly places we like to visit:

  1. Palace Pier – great photography spot to capture starling murmurations in autumn and for summer evening walks to enjoy sunsets and some churros.
  2. Sea Life Centre – one of the oldests aquariums in the UK with beautiful architecture, must see family friendly venue.
  3. Royal Pavilion & Gardens – this is one of those places that you can visit all year round. The Pavilion itself is beautiful inside but what I like the most are the gardens, brilliant for picnics in the summer and ice skating in winter.
  4. The Lanes – nearby the seafront, with narrow streets and numerous jewelry stores
  5. North Lane – the one closer to the Brighton station, with its quirky shops and independent cafes.
  6. Devil’s Dyke – part of the South Downs National Park that is just on the outskirts of Brighton.
  7. Beachy Head cliff – picturesque place and favourite spot for paragliders.
  8. Hove beach – calmer than the Brighton beach with view on the old pier and now also i360.  
  9. Preston Park – huge park with lots of different areas, including 19th century velodrome.
  10. Booth Museum of Natural History – not very big but worth seeing, it has a little store with plenty of interesting rocks and tumble stones.
  11. The Level – skating park and children’s playground.
  12. Saltdean cliffs – close to Brighton, located still on the regular Brighton bus route.
  13. Hove Lawns – with colourful beach huts.
  14. Birling Gap & The Seven Sisters – actually six now as one of the cliffs has collapsed into the sea last year.
  15. Green Ridge with Patcham Mill – great outdoor space, popular among dog walkers, also excellent for walks, runs and bike rides.
  16. Brighton Marina  – has numerous shops and restaurants but what I like about it are the fishing boats in the harbour.
  17. Brighton Museum and Art Gallery – with constantly changing exhibitions.
  18. Madeira Drive – just below the main road (Marine Parade), it spreads across the seafront all the way from the pier Marina. Once it reaches Marina, it turns into the Undercliff Walk which is also a must see spot but only in a good weather conditions, not recommended during storms and high tide.
  19. Shoreham beach and Shoreham houseboats – so close yet so different to Brighton beach.
  20. British Airways i360 – controversial landmark, some people love it while others hate it. All I can say there are amazing views from the top.

More photos from Brighton can be found in my Instagram feed.

Photos: © M Dolewska Dyer

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  1. I really love the pier – there is something magical about piers – you are not yet fully connected to the sea but not on land anymore – suspended in between both worlds. The Brighton one is really pretty!

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