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Christmas Gift Ideas for Poles Abroad

Pictured from the top left: Baltic amber and sterling silver frog by SA Necklaces, Nalewka Babuni, dish by Ceramika Beata WoźniakWild Honey and Rye – Modern Polish Recipes by Ren Behan, mug by Bolewsławieca folk apron from Frosterfolk coasters from Polish Folk ArtPolska: New Polish Cooking by Zuza Zak and anti-flea dog collars by Baltic Secret

It is a funny thing, when I was younger and living still back in Poland I was never attracted to Polish folk patterns, amber or traditional foods but the longer I live abroad the more I’m fond of all those things. I own already a couple of pieces from Bolewsławiec, all bought in Cepelia when I was visiting Warsaw but then I spotted them also here in Brighton, in the TK Maxx store. If I had a dog I would definitely want to try out the anti-flea properties of the amber collars. My cupboards are always well stocked with Polish groceries but I haven’t tasted Nalewka Babuni in a long while so this is something I will be getting this Christmas. I’m also very tempted to buy the rolling pin with Łowicz patterns and the Unitra headphones!

What’s on your Polish wishlist this year?

Polish gifts available on Amazon:

Pictured from the top left: Bolek i Lolek DVD, Trefl’s Bieszczady puzzles, Warszawa car model, Fiat 126p model, Unitra in-ear headphones, Reksio toy, Pani Walewska perfume, 303 Squadron by Arkady Fielder and Unitra headphones

If you don’t shop on Amazon there are other options…

Pictured from the top left: Street in Cracow tote by Dominika AniolaPolish Folk Design Two Roosters case by Barbara Pixton, Warsaw Poland laptop sleeve by JBlaminsky, Falislava framed print by Momofukuu, Pierogi pillow by 416 Studios, Winter greeting card by Marcin Sznajder, Folk Rooster leggings by Barbara PixtonTwo Cranes acrylic block by 416 Studios and Parzenica drawstring bag by Nannah

Online stores with Poland themed gifts:

If you know of any more interesting Polish stores that ship abroad and accept PayPal or other international payment methods, let us know and we will update the list above.


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