BIGOS UK - The Association of Polish Bloggers Living in the UK


Bigos UK was born out of many ideas and attempts to create an online and offline community of Polish bloggers who share similar values (check out BIGOS UK Manifesto) and live in the UK. Every Polish person living in the UK has their own approach to their national heritage and the multiculturalism of this country. There are many generations of Polish citizens living here. Small elements of Polish cuisine, culture or customs can be found all around us but very often due to the language barrier or simply lack of time, might be overseen. Some Polish residents in the UK are so busy with their daily lives that their process of integration into the British society suffers. Online conversations around those topics are a great place to start a dialogue. We know that our community is rich in ideas and inspiring people. We hope that our online conversations will benefit from this information exchange and result in a few new friendships.

We hope that you will enjoy reading us, joining us and meeting us offline!