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My top five 2018 planners and journals

I know this might sound a bit bonkers, but I am actually running five annuals at the moment to ensure that I make the most of 2018. I think you might find some of them useful, but if you know better ones, please do let me know!

  1. Breathe Special Journal – this 52-week journal is light, bright, girly and smart; it allows me to set personal goals but also allows space for reflection (something we don’t do enough of in our busy modern life)
  2. Daily Greatness Business Planner is a good tool for small business owners – I am working on it this year because I am currently shifting my services and really need a bit of guidance in terms of processes, business planning but also personal accountability of completing tasks on time. Otherwise, I will never get my new business plan done;)
  3. The Self Journal – similar to the above but a little bit more flexible – keeps me on my toes when it comes to my education – I make a note of all my academic tasks, deliverables and reflections here, their online community is full of ideas too
  4. KAKEBO – The Japanese Art of Saving Money – well, I come from a family of terrible money spenders and so good financial habits are my goal for a while now, but I have worked on them actively in the last two years and I am slowly getting to the point where I can start thinking of saving money – this journal contains monthly and weekly budgeting and tracking of expenses but also space for goal setting and reflections (personally most effective section for me)
  5. Moleskine and Evernote – for free journaling I always carry around a Moleskine (because for drawing, listing and short thoughts there is nothing better than a cup of coffee, pen and paper) but if I know that I will write a longer section and use it from blogging I prefer to type it up on my phone into Evernote and synchronise with my Mac when I get home.

So that’s my planning for 2018. Uff, a lot, but I am looking forward to reviewing it all next January.

Photo: under CC0 licence

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