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10 years of Upfest, street art festival in Bristol

This is not our first street art post – I have already posted about Banksy and Polish monumental art. This one is different though as it’s a bit personal. Upfest claims to be the largest street art festival in Europe and this year it celebrated its 10th Birthday. For us, it was really special because last year in August we came to visit Bristol with the prospect of looking for a new home exactly a week after the festival. So this year I was really, really keen on getting to Southville (the part of Bristol dedicated to the event) that very weekend. And what a weekend it was. It is astonishing to see the scale of work painted on large walls, but to see artists in action is entirely a different thing altogether. First of all, the festival’s Instagram account was a great start to prepare and follow the contributing artists (some of those accounts are such a brilliant way of relaxing on a long day and admiring beautiful street art!). On Saturday of the Festival, we had a visitor from Germany so we took him on a car tour around the city and took a walk around the Upfest locations just before the rain. I then went back to see completed works in the following week so below you will find both photos from the work in progress and final pieces too. I cannot explain how inspiring it is to walk the streets of this city surrounded by colour and art – so you need to come to Bristol and try it out. If you can, do it on the weekend of Upfest, it’s a brilliant, very well managed and friendly time for Southville.

So here are some of my top favourites (and there is also this, do check it out on Instagram):






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